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  Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers brings over 25 years of structural experience to the construction industry.

Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers, PC, was founded in 1989 by Joseph M. Taylor and J. Kirk Viola. After co-founder Mr. Taylor left the company, Mr. Viola, became president and sole owner of the company. Kirk has grown the firm to its current size and personally oversees all its projects throughout the United States.

Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers employs highly skilled and motivated engineers and designers ready to fulfill our clients’ needs by providing quality and timely structural designs and drawings.

Our expertise spans a broad range of construction building materials, project types and complexities. Our experience in structural steel fabrication further enables us to assist our clients on fast-tracking building projects by also providing structural steel detailing services.

In 2012, Catawba Valley Engineering & Testing was founded by J. Kirk Viola, P.E., and James S. Tate, P.E.James also serves as vice-president in Taylor & Viola. Catawba Valley Engineering & Testing was created to provide our clients with the ability to employ a “one-stop shop” by providing a full range of structural services for a project. The combination of services that Taylor & Viola and CVET can provide creates a more seamless approach for our clients from project inception through construction.

Contact us today to see how Taylor & Viola and CVET can help you bring your vision to life.
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  308 15th Street S.E.   Hickory NC 28602   PO Box 2616   Hickory NC 28603   Phone (828) 328-6331   Fax: (828) 322-1801